Why start another blog?

I know, the world is full of them, right? And, as you might know, I have one devoted to my car-free lifestyle, which I am pondering retiring. I have an old, inactive dance blog, and a blog devoted to dance in Los Angeles, which is defunct.

So, why start another blog if I’m not keeping up the others, right? Well, I recently registered for a marathon (it will be my 3rd), and I signed a very interesting disclaimer:

“I am advised that the following are some but not all of the special conditions and factors which may be encountered in the Two Bear Marathon/Half Marathon, and that there may be other hazards in addition to those listed below:

¢ Participants may encounter wildlife on any portion of the Two Bear Marathon/Half Marathon. Indigenous wildlife includes grizzly bear, black bear, coyotes, mountain lions, wolves, moose, elk, and deer. The actions of wildlife toward participants are unpredictable and assumed to be dangerous….I attest that I am in good physical condition and mentally capable of participating in the Two Bear Marathon/Half Marathon…”

Over the past few years, in large part to my interest in cycling, I have become a dedicated runner. And I have some big goals for myself as a runner. I’m at a satisfactory place in my healing from two serious injuries over the winter, and I want to get back on track meeting those goals. I’ll talk about my goals in a later post.

I realized as a signed up for this race, eager for the challenge and misery (of both the race and required training) that:

  1. I’m not in Kansas anymore. No way, no how. I didn’t worry about bears or mountain lions while training for the LA Marathon. And now, well, it seems like they’re everywhere!
  2. The last line I quoted is sort of a paradox. Yes, I suppose I am mentally capable of participating in the Two Bear Marathon and its 4,000+ elevation gain, but doesn’t wanting to participate in such a tortuous activity mean I’m not completely sane?
  3. I’m not physically prepared, yet. I’m doing a half marathon in about 9 days, and will continue my full marathon training from there, and that’s okay, that’s how training works. I’ve done two marathons to date, and I’m sure I can handle this, but the thing is, I don’t want to be dying at the end. I want to enjoy it and be able to walk the next day. And that means that I will have to commit to being very serious not just about mileage but taking care of myself and growing as a runner. Learning how to focus while I’m training and actually improve. My previous two marathons have been just about finishing. This one will be too, but to do that, on this hard of a course, I will need to be serious. Seriously.

So this blog is to keep me in check. Not just on the running and the mileage, but all the other aspects too–getting enough sleep, eating right to manage the mileage, and how to manage all this without getting eaten by a bear on a local trail with my dog and a job.

You’re perfectly welcome to follow along. Just remember, bears can run up to 35 mph from a standstill. Black bears can climb, but not grizzlies. Always run with a partner, and if you see a bear, just make sure you can run faster than your the company you keep.

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