Being a human being

One of my goals is to get myself into a survivalist type physical fitness. So that I could hike for 10 hours a day, climb mountains, ride my bike cross country, or even run cross country (Forest Gump style). I joke about the zombie apocalypse all the time. But while I don’t think society will collapse anytime soon, part of me thinks there really is a possibility that society could crumble and then most of us would be in big trouble. Follow me on this, I’m bringing it back to running in a relevant way.

I sometimes wonder how we all would survive if technology stopped working and we were set back from “civilization.” The problem, however, is not how we have civilized ourselves; it’s how we domesticated ourselves as human beings. Not sure if this number is accurate, but I read that only 5% of the U.S. population gets their recommended amount of daily exercise on average. That 95% of us that don’t exercise, basically. And with about 30% of the population obese and another 30% overweight (yup, that’s 60% of us overweight or obese), it’s highly unlikely that we could care for ourselves should some major event happen that changes the course of humanity. We rely far too much on technology: from cars to electricity to food. We (in general) don’t do anything for ourselves.

That’s what I like about running and also riding my bicycle. I am self-reliant, getting where I need to go by my own physical means. And getting in touch with my own physicality and real humanness makes me feel less like a domestic pet being kept happy by some superior force and more like a real person with my own power.

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