Hunger Strike(s)!

So if you’re a marathon runner, you know all about this, or should.

Yesterday I ran 10 miles, and walked another half mile. Yesterday, wasn’t so hungry. Today? Starved. Want to run home and gorge myself on everything in my house. I’m starving and nothing will squelch my hunger.

I’ve never quite been able to figure it out. Yes, I understand I’m burning more, metabolism increasing, etc. But why always the day after the long run do I feel like I’ve never seen food in my life?

I typically don’t run the day after my long run–my legs usually need to recover. But I do ride my bike to work and home and take my dog on a few walks every day regardless of running schedule, so that should help curb the metabolism rev from hell, but it doesn’t.

And always by Tuesday I’m back to normal.

The hardest thing about the hunger strike is keeping myself from eating junk food, which so often happens and then negates all the calories I burned during the long run the day before. I don’t mind the hunger strike, but it always appears that I run out of healthy food.

So excuse me if I look at everyone and everything like a piece of meat today. I’ve got food seriously on my mind.

Anyone else experience the hunger strike?

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