Backsliding, Challenges, and Consistency

It’s been a while. I’ve only been running off and on. In addition to a scheduled bicycle respite in which the A-man and I enjoyed a week by bicycle and bike trailer, completely self-contained. 

After the Idaho Falls Half, I continued running, but unfortunately, the aching in the upper attachment of my hamstring continued to get worse and not better. Diagnosis? Upper hamstring tendinitis. I think I’d almost rather have PF than this, but let’s not ask for trouble. I went back to the physical therapist, practically bawling. It was a different therapist and so I, again, got a totally different story. No simple strengthening exercises that don’t do anything this time. She worked with me on my walking and running gait, and I must say, this stuff is working. Walking is almost painless now, and running is getting there. And I don’t have residual pain after running. 

While I was enjoying some time off and the world of bicycle touring, I picked up a pack of cigarettes. After about a week of that, I put them down, but the withdrawal and weakening of my lung span is evident. I’m trying not to overtax myself running during this withdrawal period because it actually makes the withdrawal worse. Another day and it won’t be so bad. Yeah, smoking is bad, but so are lots of things. I won’t judge myself because that down that road lies only destruction. 

I have a half marathon in two weeks, and it will be my goal just to complete it. I will definitely be a running tourist. Taking lots of pictures, etc, while just taking it nice and slow. This season has been pretty crummy for me. I look forward to closing it out with this last half and then just working on my base mileage for awhile and getting down to a prime running weight – I think somewhere around 140 would be good for me (and I hope that means I’d be faster too). And building consistency. It’s funny, for someone who loves routine, if you get caught in a bad routine or a routine of inactivity then you have to break that routine and build a new one. I guess that’s where I’m at. 

I guess this post was a little depressing. But that’s where I’m at. Digging out, still, of the hole of injury and a poor race season. 

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