Let’s go have a smoke…

Lately I can’t tell if I just walked past someone smoking or if it’s just the smell of the state of Montana on fire.

Tomorrow is the Two Bear Marathon. A few weeks ago I made a decision to switch to the half marathon. It turned out to be wise for more than my original reason.

I had originally switched to the half because my pelvis and SI injury from the winter was still giving me some problems. It’s made a lot of progress, but laying off the mileage has really helped.

However, I feel very undertrained for this race because I’ve been unable to get much running done the past few weeks due to the severe smoke and very dangerous air quality in the Missoula area. Local fires have produced so much smoke that it looks like fog has rolled into our valley.

I’m in my hotel room in Whitefish right now. There is smoke in the air but not nearly as much as is south of us. And the locals say the morning should be pretty clear.

Im excited to race with my new hydration pack. And I bought a new long sleeve tech shirt for the race (at least for the start line). My goal is to keep to my 10:1 run:walk ratio. Do that 13 times and I should be done.

It should be a beautiful course too. A little hilly, but a net decrease in elevation! Woohoo.

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