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Missoula Half Marathon Race Report

After the perspective a few days will give to any endeavor, I’m ready to give my Missoula 13.1 Race Report.

After a wonderful 5k experience the morning before, I was a little worried how my legs were going to be holding up come Sunday morning. I was a little sore, and did feel the effects of the 5k about halfway through the race, but I still finished strong.

I awoke at 3am after preparing everything I’d need for race day the night before. Hopped on my bike and, ringing my bell furiously all the way to scare of bears and deer, headed for downtown Missoula to pick up the shuttle to the race start on Blue Mountain. I arrived as early as I could handle, with about 45 minutes to sit around and wait for the race start. I practiced my race pace a bit. Used the port-a-potties numerous times (I always freak out that I’ll have to go in the middle of the race and end up waiting in some port-a-potty line while minutes tick by and my pace goes down the tubes).

Finally it was time to go. The race organizers forgot the “READY, SET, GO!” and the cannon went BOOM and we went off. The first 5 miles or so are pretty much all downhill, with very slight inclines between the downhill portions. Thanks to the downhill, up until mile 9 I was (AMAZINGLY) set to finish in almost exactly 2 hours. That would have been about a 9:53 mile pace, and I was going faster then that. Then, the prior day’s 5k started to wear on me. I could feel my left hamstring making the old familiar “I’m unhappy” twinges. But I dug deep and decided to focus on my pace and cadence and stick to my plan–walk all the aid stations. My pace slowed a bit, but I finished exactly as I had planned. I was shooting for somewhere between 2:10 and 2:20, and I finished in 2:12:28 with a 10:07 race pace. And because I laid back a little bit at the end, I finished the race with plenty left in the gas tank.

I usually sprint the last half mile to mile, full out at a 5:15 or less mile pace. But for some reason, maybe because I didn’t realize it was about to be over, I didn’t get my sprint into gear until the last quarter mile. It’s okay though, no regrets, a great race, a great time had, and I feel super strong from it.

After a couple of days recovery I’m back into training and getting ready for the next race and the road to marathon success. Next up is the Idaho Falls Half Marathon in two weeks, where I’m hoping to PR and sub 2 hour thanks to a super fast course (straight downhill for 6 miles then perfectly flat for the rest…are you kidding?!). Then I’ll continue increasing my mileage as I prep for the Two Bear Marathon. I am considering, and it will depend on other vacation plans, doing the Pocatella Marathon a few weeks before the Two Bear as a training run. Two Bear is going to be so brutal, Pocatella might be a good prep for all that elevation gain… but we shall see.

That’s all for now. My stats weren’t anything to report about, I was basically at the beginning of the middle of the pack, at the end of the first 1/3 of all the finishers. I’m happy with that.

Missoula 5k

I could get used to this.

Today I ran my first 5k. It was pretty easy in comparison to the two marathons I’ve run, and I didn’t have to pace myself at all. (I did hold back a bit because I’m running a half marathon on Sunday morning.)

A 5k is a great race length, I’m learning. The prep is far less intense, but you can still work hard for it, plus it gives you a break from longer distance training to actually get some reward…like an awesome medal.

I have to say, since the only two race finisher medals I have were earned through the blood, sweat, and tears of the 26.2 mile distance, getting a medal for just 3.1 miles seemed a little blasphemous. But hey, it was cool too.

Here’s my race report:

I felt pretty good, ran a brisk pace but not pedal to the medal, and finished strong with a lot left in my gas tank.


Age Group: Placed 9th out of 62

Gender Group: Placed 42nd out of 282

Full field: Placed 123 out of 451

My time was 28:07, with a 9:04 min/mile pace. Not my personal best of all time for the distance but actually a PR for the year for me. I just have to be careful to not let it get to my head for tomorrow, because I MUST slow down tomorrow by at least 60 if not 90 seconds per mile to finish without killing myself and my poor legs.

I do have to say that I feel pretty happy about how well I placed considering that some people might consider me about 10-15 lbs overweight based on “standards”. There were a lot of skinnier people than me on the course who were a lot slower than me. And not that I’m comparing myself, but it makes me feel a little better about myself to know that size really does not matter as much as you would think in comparison to overall health. Yes, I’m a little heavier. Yes, my shape is not pro-athlete friendly (hello bosom). But I can hold my own and do amazing things.