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Running Uphill

With another half marathon around the corner and the need to begin working on my ‘climbing’ skills for the Two Bear Marathon, Astro and I took to the M Trail today and ran up every other steep switchback. The total elevation gain was around 800 feet.
I was happily surprised that, although, yes, it was hard, I could actually run up the trail. I can see that in a few weeks I could make it running up the whole trail instead of every other switchback. I’m curious to see how it affects my flat ground (or even just not hideously steep ground) running.

Of course, I am icing my calves tonight as a result, but running up the side of a mountain will do that to you.

We’ll see if there’s any benefit during tomorrow’s 5 miler.


What’s my motivation?

I enjoy running. But I can’t think of any workout I’ve actually been excited to do. Days like today, when I just want my 8 mile run to be done rather than care about running it, are particularly difficult. I feel like an actor asking “what’s my motivation?”

And then I have to go down the list of things that this run is going to accomplish. In short, everything on that lists means that I am going to be closer to being the person I want to be — the strong runner, the confident woman, a force to be reckoned with — things that I likely already am but need to recognize in myself and figure out how to
access. “How bad do you want it?” The coach in my head screams.

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